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May 24, 2022

Feature Request: Big IP Client Disconnect and Retry Login, Instead of Showing Timeout Error Msg

When using the BIG-IP Edge client, it frequently (most every day) shows the error "ERR clog1049 - Your MFA login page has timed out. Please disconnect and then try again".
Someone told me that this error message is coming from some security module, that this is not in the BIG-IP client, itself.  If the BIG-IP client has a way to recognize this type of error (i.e. any error that basically says "you need to disconnect and retry"), that would make it a bit easier to implement.

I would like to request a feature to handle this scenario.  I'm not sure of the exact way to implement it.  But here is one idea.
When the user is actively logging in, and the BIG-IP client encounters any error, it would apply a list of "rules" (maybe it looks at errors and matches each 'rule' using a Regular Expression in the rule).  Those rules could be entered by the user, or by the VPN admin team.

So a "rule" could be entered that says, when the user is actively logging in, and the BIG-IP client sees this specific error message, then the "rule" tells the client to disconnect, wait N seconds (e.g. 3 seconds), then retry the login.
Naturally, this could support other actions, as well.

Thank you.

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  • Hi john-nelson - thanks for pointing this out. I'm going to share this on the Suggestions forum for better visibility, and make sure someone from the BIG-IP team sees it.

    In the future, you can discuss an RFE with your F5 Account team, or go directly to Support with it. I mention the account team, because an SE would be able to help guide you and follow progress of the request for you.