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Jul 20, 2022

Failsafe and HA Group

Just curious as to which of these two failover conditions would activate first if they were configured on F5. Failsafe and HA Group are configured in our present F5 configuration.

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  • "Failsafe" for VLANs and gateways was the traditional approach to trigger a failover in case the active unit might become isolated from the infrastructure. Be aware, that the same failover condition might force both units to get into standby mode (resulting in a standby/standby).

    The concept of "HA-groups" was introduced to replace the "failsafe" mode. With "HA-groups" a sub-second failover might be triggered because you are able to monitor the number of available links in a trunk (aka link aggregation with LACP in fast mode). The scoring allows a pretty granular selection of relevant resources to trigger a failover. One unit will always be active.

    Please avoid combining both methods.