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May 24, 2011

failover questions




We had a situation where we applied HF4 cumulative patch on standby and at some point both of out ltms went active/active and we had a outage.


In order to prevent this to happen again we are thinking of isolating ltm12-2 from the network and apply the patch and disable asm. SO we are thinking of


disabling all the interfaces on LTM12-2 including HA interface .




Here is my steps and concerns




In step 5 and 6 once I reboot and enable interfaces on LTM12-2 what will happen? Will LTM12-2 become primary. When I reboot ltm12-2 as standby will it try to do heartbeat check with LTM12-1 and since it won't get any answer from LTM12-1 since there is no network connectivity will it become active?


1) Currently LTM12-2 is active. So we will failover to standby


(2) On ltm12-2 change the redundancy state preference to standby.


(3) Disable network interfaces on LTM12-2 and HA interface last


(4) Reactivate license on LTM12-2 to disable ASM


(5) Reboot


(6) Enable HA interface and than other network interfaces on LTM12-2


(7) Change the redundancy state preference

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  • Your post got munged. Can you repost it as text?



    My first suggestion would be to not use the preferred active/standby states as these options will lead to an additional, unnecessary failover when the preferred active unit fails, the peer becomes active and then the preferred active unit comes back online.