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Mar 22, 2019

F5ve vlan and virtual server setup

Hi, i am using F5 virtual load balancer on VMware. i have 2 internal network both are L3 VLAN's and communicable. i have connected VLAN A to f5 interface 1.1. i did not connect the VLAN B to any of my interface since both VLAN are communicating.


VLAN A: 192.168.1.X Connected to interface 1.1.


self ip:


VLAN B:192.168.2.X


i have created VIP in both VLAN A and B(eg VIP 1:, vip 2: I am not able to reach the VIP which i have created in VLAN B. what changes i have to do for accessing the VIP 2 which i have created in VLAN B. i prefer to use single interface to use for both VLAN.


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  • Hi,

    You concept is wrong, let me explain.

    On your lab Ve you have only one interface/vlan configured:

    • self IP:

    So if you want to reach

    • client will asked (ARP) how is
    • you will obtain an arp response from F5/routeur linked to F5 a response.

    So now if you want to reach, you will inevitably have a problem. the first one and a route problem. you have a network problem and not a configuration problem. you need an interface in this VLAN

    Routeur linked to client will route user to vlan, but F5 is not linked to this vlan, (There is no IP in this VLAN) so it can answer.

    You need to create a second self ip
    to serve the VIP of this vlan on f5

    And your VIP will work.

    let me know if you need more details.


  • Hi, tp


    In a physical appliance you'd need to configure vlans, and associate each vlan to a physical interface in tagged mode. In the switch you would also need to pass those vlans in 802.1Q tagged mode to your F5 appliance.


    In a virtual appliance the concept is similar, but on the network side you'll have to configure your vSwitch instead.