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Apr 06, 2024

F5OS RSeries Appliance Radius user Authentication Issues

Hello everyone,

We're encountering an issue with Radius user authentication. We've set up new devices and followed the documentation meticulously. We've configured the Radius servers, server groups, and group IDs on the F5OS, and mirrored the attributes and policies on the Radius server to facilitate authentication. However, despite completing all the steps, we're unable to authenticate the users. We're consistently receiving the following error in the Radius logs:

"5400 Authentication Failed
15024 PAP is not allowed
Enable PAP/ASCII Protocol for the selected service
PAP is not allowed"

I am unable to find PAP to allow in the F5OS or any related settings. Could someone have any insights? 

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  • The authentication module used here (pam_radius) uses PAP. Once you configure your RADIUS server to accept this protocol it should work fine.

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      I see the Radius is accepted with PAP protocol but still seeing the same behavior.