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Feb 05, 2019

F5 with SSL/TLS for JDBC queries (Apache Hive and Impala)

Hi all,

We are using F5 to load balance some Hadoop DB services (apache Hive and apache Impala) : if it's perfectly working unencrypted, we have a problem setting SSL offload (encryption between client and LB only) for JDBC queries (not HTTP). Below are the main diff between configurations

Unencrypted settings

  • Type : Performance (Layer 4)
  • Protocol Profile (Client) : fastL4_1h_idle_timeout
  • SSL Profile (Client) : none
  • SSL Profile (Server) : none
  • Default Persistance Profile : SrcAddr
  • F5 Port : 10000
  • Target port : 10000

Encrypted settings

  • Type : Standard (Performance Layer 4 can't be used with SSL/TLS)
  • Protocol Profile (Client) : proto_all
  • SSL Profile (Client) : /commonCompany
  • SSL Profile (Server) : none
  • Default Persistance Profile : SrcAddr
  • F5 Port : 10443
  • Target port : 10000

When connecting to the secured entry point, the behavior is quite unpredictable : sometimes it'll connect, sometimes the connection will hang while being established ending with a connection time-out error

Any hints ?

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  • Problem solved with the following actions - Protocol Profile (Client) : switched to TCP with 1H idle timeout - Oneconnect profile : was set by mistake, switched to none


    -> This last setting was the root cause of the problem, oneconnect use for non-HTTP traffic should be avoided


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      @ndupont 382983




      Can you share what are the monitor type you configured ? If possible can you share the monitor details ?


      Service port 10443 you used as HTTPS ?


      Are you using SSL Bridging or Offload ?


      If SSL Bridging do I need to install the cert at backend DataBase Server too ?