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Mar 02, 2012

F5 Virtual Edition Trial /w LTM + ASM

Hi Folks,



i'm looking for a F5 Virtual Edition Trial with enabled ASM module.


The trial Virtual Edition (v10.1) doesn't provide ASM support (its a LTM Only image).


The latest Virtual Edition (v11.1) ships with ASM modules but no Trial Version is available yet.



Is there an official statement regarding this issue or is someone aware of a way to get a LTM + ASM VE Trial?



Thanks in advance!





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  • Hi Kai,



    The preferred method for testing on VE is to use an eval key and the latest full (not the trial) version of BIG-IP. You can get an eval key from your F5 or partner SE and download the full ISO from If you want to do long term testing you can get a lab VE edition for a reasonable cost that includes all modules and product support.



  • Kai,



    There is no such beast. right now there is a trial edition of LTM only version 10.1. If you would like to get an evaluation (not trial) version of a version 11.1 please contact your local Sales Representative or Sales Engineer. follow the link below, enter your area code and shoot off an email to the appropriate Inside Sales Representative.









  • Thanks dudes, i've already got a working key from the F5 sales team.



    Problem solved...