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Dec 14, 2011

F5 Vipiron and Weblogic w/JessionID

We've just just installed some new F5 devices into our network to replace older Cisco CSS content switches and are running into issues with an WebLogic Forms instance. We are trying to create session persistence via the JsessionID in the URI, but getting very inconsistent results. There are times that the device is "reload balancing" once the jsessionid is established that is causing our application to error out with a connection error.



Essentially, the app is launched via a servlet going through the VIP, once the jsessionid is established, sometimes we are reload balanced to a different application server. We are able to work until the initial session times out and tries to reconnect and then JRE errors out.



We've been trying a couple of "templates" for IRules to get closer to a functional model, but continue spinning our wheels...



We've been tracing via TCPdumps and its always erroring out when the initial session is re-balanced when the jsessionid is established.



IP based session persistence is not an option due to the infrastructure that we are dealing with and simple cookie based was not reliable due to other parts of our app.



Any thought or ideas on IRules that would take a default load balanced persistence and tie it to a jsessionid that is created could be a great help.


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  • Hi JB,



    I'd try testing with the codeshare entry you noted with the debug logging enabled.




    Make sure to enable use a OneConnect profile. If you're using serverside address translation (SNAT or a SNAT pool) you can use the default OneConnect profile with a /0 source mask. Else, create a custom OneConnect profile with a /32 source mask. For info on this see this OneConnect wiki page:




    If that doesn't work, can you reply with the log output from /var/log/ltm?



  • Enabling OneConnect caused major issues, we couldn't even launch our application. It was causing a 2nd session with the WebLogic servers. Watching the JConsole log on the workstation, a session was established and then a 2nd was created with a new JSessionID.



    I'm working with our sysadmins to determine is we have any log output in the directory requested.
  • Did you try with a /32 source mask? I suggest opening a case with F5 Support on this if you can test again with OneConnect enabled.