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May 30, 2023

F5 URL to Different URL irule

There is an appplication changing it's url to
the default page of the application is<PATH> and it needs to be pointed to the new url https://xyz/<PATH><PATH> -> https://xyz/<PATH>

For the same application i am also curious if we can re-direct the following SPECIFIC URL as well: ->

I'm not sure if we need to do it in 2 irules

Is the below rule correct?

if { [HTTP::host] equals ""} {
if { [HTTP::path] equals "/<PATH>" } {
HTTP::redirect "<PATH>
if { [HTTP::host] equals ""} {
if { [HTTP::path] equals "/ibsc/rrr/logon/login.jsp" } {
HTTP::redirect ""


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  • yogipd I believe the following is what you're looking for. Your first statement about changing to seems a bit off. Did you mean to say that anything going to you want to redirect to or is it only a specific path? Assuming the answer to my questions isn't yes, then the iRule below should work.


    when HTTP_REQUEST priority 500 {
        if {[HTTP::host] == ""}{
            if {[string tolower [HTTP::uri]] == "/<PATH>"} {
                HTTP::redirect "[HTTP::uri]"
            } elseif {[string tolower [HTTP::uri]] == "/ibsc/rrr/logon/login.jsp"}{
                HTTP::redirect "[HTTP::uri]"




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