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Oct 19, 2010

f5 upgrade warning

Hi all,



Trying to upgrade f5 big-ip 6400 from version 9.0.5 to a supported version. After running command "local-install" I get the following warning



WARNING: filesystem integrity test failed.


Product images will be irrevocably lostif this installation session continues!


A startup filesystem check may correct this problem; please reboot and try again.


The following product image locations are affected:






Continue with installation?



I click on No here. I have checked f5's website and rebooted appliance to no avail. I've also booted up into single user mode and run a manual file check (f5 SOL6440). This also hasn't resolved it. I still get the above warning.



Result of fsck -yaf is:



fsck -yaf


fsck 1.32 (09-Nov-2002)


/: 28228/92736 files (0.9% non-contiguous), 306243/370944 blocks


/shared: 1574/525312 files (2.0% non-contiguous), 159451/1048576 blocks


/config: 117/16560 files (7.7% non-contiguous), 6957/66023 blocks


/var: 284/17568 files (12.0% non-contiguous), 56152/69991 blocks




Thanks for any input on this.





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  • Hi Nathan,



    If you've followed the steps in SOL6640 and still get the unclean filesystem warning, I'd suggest opening a case with F5 Support.