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Jan 06, 2022

F5 telemetry config

Hello,   I'm trying to configure the F5 telemetry streaming on a Big-IP VE to forward the telemtry data to a Splunk server. As described in the following article :
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    Jan 07, 2022

    Hello Daz,

    I'm relying on my memory so this info might be incomplete -- I believe that these profiles come from AVR module.

    AVR is free with every bigip license, and if I'm not wrong it can be provisioned on VE's with minimal memory/disk requirements (I recall that memory/disk requirements for VE's usually depend on module allocation and AVR is always seen as an exception to module number)


    Check your licensing & privisioning first, then check if your VS is standard-type (ip forwarding, fastl4 and other types of Virtual Servers might differ in configuration options) and then check if you're exploding "Advanced" configuration options as the guide says, in drop-down menu


    EDIT - Adding a bit: profile selection at point 3 requires you to have WAF license. You can skip this if WAF does not concern your configuration IMO.


    Hope this helps