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Nov 28, 2022

F5 SSO - OAuth with SAML - how to preserve the original protect URL


So I have

login -> This is my login server - I have APM protecting it

auth -> this is my oauth server it talks to login to get login its a saml call

Lets say I have

https://uat/<some protected URL>, that I use a OAuth claim to protect it.

So when i go to https://uat/<some protected URL> I get

redirect to /my.policy

then redirect to auth/oauth url

redirect to auth/my.policy

redirect to login/saml end point

redirect to /my.policy

redirect to /my.policy the login process

redirect to auth/sam return end point

redirect to https://uat/Oauth return point

redirect back to https://uat/<some protected URL>


When it works its okay, but what happens with a bad password or if a user takes to long to login and has to start a new login session any break from normal means that user ends up on https://login/

I have noticed on other SSO work flows - the originating url is in the url passed around - that doesn't happen on F5

I checked the landing on the inital entry to https://auth and the browser doesn't even send the referrer url ...


How do poeple cope with this.  Note my apm session are on different F5, so I can't share behind the scene variables !












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