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Mar 25, 2020

F5 Software Downgrade from version 14.1.0 to 12.1.2



I am running software version 14.1.0 on my i2600 F5 and want to downgrade it to version 12.1.2. what are the best options available. I was not running 12.1.2 version before so No UCS file for this version. Below are my questions.


  • Can I downgrade in normal way like change boot location and reboot it but I dont this will work as current UCS file running on version 14.1.0 might not be compatibale on version 12.1.2 and downgrade might file and I might loss access to my box.


  • Do I need to manually build fresh F5 Config through GUI on version 12.1.2 and get UCS file and keep it with me for downgrade to version 12.1.2.


  • Can I use my exiting LAB F5 3600 to build F5 config with version 12.1.2 and use it in my i2600 box but this might have platform difference right ?


Any best ideas for downgrade are welcomed from experts.

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  • Downgrading BIG-IP software refers to performing a fresh installation and reverting software back to an older version.  Please refer below key points for downgrade -


    1. Performing a downgrade does not roll back the BIG-IP configuration.
    2. A downgrade may require you to manually rebuild the configuration. Unless you have a .ucs file that was generated on the version to which you are downgrading, you must manually rebuild the BIG-IP configuration after you perform a downgrade. In your case, if you downgrade from 14.1.0 to 12.1.2, you must restore a 12.1.2 UCS file after you downgrade. You cannot restore a UCS archive that was saved on BIG-IP 14.1.0 on the system after you downgrade to 12.1.2.
    3. I dont think if you can use config build on 3600 and restore it on i2600. But you can do one thing, you can build HA between two different models. So this way, you can config sync.


    Personally i never done F5 downgrade but yes i have done Ha between two different boxes and sync config.


    Hope it helps!



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      Thanks and Yes you are right we cant move configuratios if we downgrade it to earlier software version unless if we have used trhat version before and have UCS file.


      Can I build manual configuration on virtual F5 running version 12.1.2 .

      virtual F5 running on vmware or on my ESXI host and then I can manually build complete configurations and then do software downgrade and import newly build config.