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Nov 09, 2023

F5 Sending resets

Hi can someone please tell me what causes this, cant find any reference to this:

this is being sent from the F5 to the client/requestor IP and breaking a lot of connections intermittently, its working about 60% of the time and fials the other 40%

RST cause: [29068a1:5584] {peer} SSL proxy shutdown
Length: 27
0000 000. = Version: 0 (0x00)
.... ...1 = Peer: 1
Value: 0x0000029068a1
Line: 5584
Cause: SSL proxy shutdown


Its just a normal virtual server running on 443 and the backend server is unecrypted on port 80 (not apm) 

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  • JamesCrk Can you please share the associated F5 configuration so we can look at this in a bit more detail. Feel free to redact anything that you would not like for us to see such as device IPs and/or names.