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Nov 21, 2022

F5 Reverse Proxy setup

Hi, i have started using F5 newly and not comfortable with iRules yet.  Need help for a reverse proxy setup. have 2 domain urls:*
  • Hi kashif_shahzad , 
    please try this : 

    when HTTP_REQUEST { 
     if {[HTTP::host] eq ""}{ 
      pool pool_1
     } elseif {[HTTP::host] eq ""}{ 
         pool pool_2

    > Make sure with pools names within irule as it must be identical with pool name itself , usually I copy pool name and paste it within irule to make sure the names are identical. 

    > We can do your request by anothe approache , Do you know about Local traffic policy , it is a very useful tool in f5 and can replace iRule in many implementations but not all as irule used in more complex approaches. 
    > if you need me to implement your request by Local traffic policy instead of irules , I’d love to do that definitly. 

    I hope this helps you.