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Sep 23, 2022

F5 preventive maintenance


We want to  perform preventive maintenance for our F5 devices quarterly basis. Is there any specific checklist we have to follow other than cpu, memory. Please suggest any standard checklist for PM activity for LTM.


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  • As such there is no documentation available but you can follow few recommendations .

    *  Always check cpu, memory, process, orphans object etc.and take actions.

    * Clear the unwanted file i.e ucs, qkview, asmqkview, .pcap etc. from /var/tmp or wherever you kept it.

     *  Remove asm audit/history file which is no used.

    * Failover active node every Months or alternate months.

    *  Update signature(ASM), firmware if require. 

    * add if anything missed.



  • Yes, there are several important items you should include in your preventive maintenance  checklist for F5 LTM devices. Here are some suggestions:

    Check for software updates: Ensure that the F5 LTM device is running on the latest software version, and install any necessary patches or updates.

    Verify system logs: Check the system logs for any unusual events or errors that could indicate a problem with the device.

    Check disk space: Monitor the available disk space on the device, and take action if it is running low.

    Verify SSL/TLS certificates: Check the SSL/TLS certificates installed on the device, and renew or replace any that are expiring soon.

    Test network connectivity: Test the network connectivity between the F5 LTM device and other devices on the network to ensure that traffic is flowing smoothly.

    Verify hardware health: Check the hardware health of the device, including the power supply, fans, and temperature sensors.

    Review security policies: Review the security policies configured on the F5 LTM device, and update them as necessary to ensure that they are providing adequate protection