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Dec 05, 2011

F5 Licenses




I need to know when the licenses expire F5 equipment, is there a command to indicate when they finish?










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  • product license is not expired.



    anyway, upgrading software requires service check date verification.



    sol7727: A service check date that is earlier than the license check date now requires you to relicense the system before upgrading




    for command, can you try "tmsh show sys license"?
  • Ok, much better.



    Yes, I tried that command of TMOS, but of course, is not listed expiration date.



    Thank you again!


  • i guess you are using production license. this is my evaluation one.

    [root@ve1023:Active] config  tmsh show sys license|grep -i date
    License Start Date  2011/12/03
    License End Date    2012/01/04
    Service Check Date  2011/12/04
  • A production license does not expire. However, the key for most users is the Service Check Date. This is the date that is tied to service and support. If you have a 1yr agreement, then 1yr after the service check date, you will no longer be able to upgrade the device (hardware or virtual). Hotfixes will still work, however.