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Jan 22, 2024

F5 License

Hello, Please, can you clarify what is the difference between the below types of F5 licenses? - Evaluation licenses = - Demonstration licenses = - Perpetual licenses = - Subscription licenses = ...
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    Jan 29, 2024

    Hi Ireda,

    If you buy a Hardware device, you will be able to run that device until it is End of Life. But you need to have an active support contract to be able to open support cases and upgrade the software. The hardware will eventually go out of software/technical support.

    When it comes to Virtual Edition, if you bought a VE that ends with -V16 (i.e F5-BIG-LTM-VE-1G-V16) you can upgrade to 16.x, not 17.x. 
    To upgrade to 17.x you then needs to buy a new license that ends with -V18 that can be upgraded to 18.x.

    As of now, 17.1.x is the latest release and will be supported until March 31, 2027.

    Hope this answer your question. 

    Best Regards