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May 13, 2011

F5 Exchange Reverse Proxy Setup

Hi Guys,



I really hope someone can help. I have an F5 Big-Ip device running BIG-IP 9.4.5 Build 1049.10 Final.



The person that configured this device has left the company and I have just implemented Microsoft Exchange 2010 and need to reverse proxy Outlook Web App and Outlook Mobile Access. Now I have read the documentation and have a rough idea of how to do it.



My set up is 2 datacenters, each Datacenter has a CAS Array containing 2 CAS/HUB Servers and 2 Mailbox Servers. Each CAS Array has its own Windows Network Load Balanced cluster and the mailbox servers are all part of a DAG.



The way internal Outlook Web App is configured is that all users point to and that goes to datacenter1 CAS Array, if there mailbox sits in Datacenter2 then the request is proxied from the CAS at datacenter1 over to datacenter2.



What is required for this?



I take it I will get all external OWA and OMA requests sent to Datacenter1, then reverse proxy through the F5



As my CAS Servers are NLB, how would I setup the DMZ aspect of things? My servers are physical and have 4 ports (3 are free in each).



Hope ive made myself clear


Any help would be greatfully accepted