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May 03, 2023

F5 BIGIP showing wrong time

I have configured the F5 BIG IP time zone to IST Asia/calcutta, After setting, it shows wrong time in the console. All the logs are also generated on the wrong time. Current time in IST is 2.59 PM, ...
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    May 03, 2023

    srinidhi12 I would validate in the GUI that you have the correct timezone selected and validate that the timezone you selected matches the current global time for that timezone through a website that tracks the time. After that I would validate what your current ntp status is by running "ntpq -np" in bash on the F5 CLI. If you are able to reach the ntp destination you might consider running the command that Enes_Afsin_Al mentioned and if that still doesn't update it you might have to reboot your F5. Sometimes if the time is too far off only a device reboot will fix the issue. If that still doesn't correct the time for some reason you can manually set the time using the information in the following URL. Please do keep in mind that using this method will also require a device reboot.