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Apr 25, 2022

F5 Big IP login issue


I am trying to login into the F5 VPN of my company using the credentials provided by the company. Further details are as follows.

1. The VPN login credentials are issued in New Zealand as the company is baded in New Zealand.

2. The login is done through MS Edge browser and is approved after entering the correct user ID, Password as well as OTP sent to my New Zealand mobile phone.

3. I am currently in India and will be here for another 3 weeks during which I will have to regularly login into the VPN.

4. Upon logging into the VPN, the attached screen is displayed. 

5. When I click on the icon to login to the 2D network access, a small window pops up recommending to download the chrome extension (CRX File) and install it in Chrome as the various applicstions would be opened in Chrome. McAfee is installed in my computer and when the CRX file was downloaded, it was scanned and a message stating that the downloaded file was "headerless" was displayed and then the file automaticlly deleted by McAfee. After encountering this issue multiple times, I disabled the McAfee antivirus and then successfully downloaded the CRX file. 

6. However, despite downloading and installing the Chrome extension multiple times, the small window recommending the installation of Chrome extension, pops up thereby denying me access to the 2D network.

Kindly advise how can this issue be resolved. Request you to advise.