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Aug 01, 2023

F5 APM VPN Choking Internet Bandwidth

Hello Guys, I'm facing a strange issue here and I don't know where to start digging, the internet speed is chocked and is very slow once we are connected to APM (hardware appliance). Tried differen...
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    Aug 01, 2023


    I would recommend raising a case with support to assist you checking the health of the hardware appliance, that being said some options we can check,

    - Are the links (Network path) to the APM hardware and APM virtual the same ?
    - What are the number of cores of both APMs? and what's the model of the Hardware APM ?
    - May I expect you replicated the same configurations on APM hardware and virtual for both APM settings and virtual settings (TCP , HTTP ) profiles settings.

    hope those are good starting points to look into this behavior