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Feb 06, 2022

F5 APM Portal access request timeout

Hello,  i have configure APM webtop policy that porpuse to make client use internal service using portal access. portal access service contain subservice that call Google analytic while F5 has no i...
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    Feb 06, 2022

    You can use Access Control Lists (ACLs) to block access to Google analytics. First, create a new ACL via Access > Access Control Lists > User-defined ACLs. After the create, select the newly created ACL and set Type to L7, set the Scheme to https and use the hostname '' or ''. For the paths an asterisk (*) can be used. Make sure you set the Action to 'Reject'.

    Make sure the ACL is first in the 'ACL order'. Go to Access > Access Control Lists > All ACLs and change the ACL order if needed.

    Use the Visual Policy Editor (VPE) and edit the Advanced Resource Assing, and add the Static ACL to the already existing Portal Access and Webtop items.

    Now the requests from the browser to Google analytics will be rejected immediately and the webpage should load much faster.