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Apr 21, 2020

F5 APM and Intune integration for Windows 10 machine posture check


We have taken up a new project in our organization to move away machine certificate check to machine posture check using integration feature with Azure Intune. We have followed the document:

Requirement is to get complaint status from Intune for Windows 10 laptops that are registered with Intune. Endpoint management system integration with intune is successful. We are using Big IP Edge Client at Windows 10 end.

However during login attempt, we get an error message in session logs that says:

/Common/Azure-POC:Common:fb626905: mdm [/Common/Azure:ms-intune]: Device ID was not found in session variables.

Any suggestion on possible resolution on this issue?


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  • Never seen a reply on this showing what is actually needed.  Many have replied stating their API, Registered App with Endpoint Management shows a connection error.   Is this possible?  If so, is there some current documentation for it?