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  • Hello Kevin,


    Here are some explanations of what we tried to do


    The method that worked (but limited to 10 images):


    **We uploaded the images via "image browser" then linked the images to "Advanced customization images" in the "General customization" tab. So we have ten links with "image0X" . These links are being used in the page correctly. example: /public/images/customization/Common/ACCESS_POLICY_NAME_act_logon_page_ag/image08_fr.PNG


    Methods that did not work:


    **If we upload an image directly (via SSH with the right permissions) into the links directory which is /public/images/customization/Common/ACCESS_POLICY_NAME_act_logon_page_ag/, we are not able to call these images in


    **We tried uploading images directly to the directory where the images are stored, which is /var/sam/www/webtop/public/images/customization/Common and again we could not call these images from the


    I hope this is a bit clearer. Thank you for your help!


  • Then I would log a case with F5 to find out what alternative options are available. Or wait a few more days to see if anyone has an answer for you here. Sorry I can't help you more.