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Jan 19, 2024

f5_api_com Certificate Expiry

We observe this certificate(f5_api_com) on our F5 is about to expire.

Would like to understand, what is the purpose of this certificate ?

What would be the impact if this expires ?

Is this certificate necessary and What are the steps to renew this certificate ?

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  • This f5_api_com cert is one that the BIG-IP creates during the licensing process. You can safely delete and re-create it using these instructions (during a maintenance window, because re-licensing does interrupt traffic momentarily):

    If that cert actually expires, it might disrupt the auto-update software checks (your BIG-IP --> F5 cloud) but won't have any impact on your user traffic.

  • dont think that is a "f5" cert....

    click it and find out who issued it.   click instances to see if its assigned to a profile.