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Nov 10, 2011

F5 and Microsoft Dynamics AOS

Good Evening,



I have the following problem, I am trying to setup Microsoft Dynamics 2009 AX Load ballancing, I wish to configure Load ballancing on the AOS tier.



Microsoft makes lots of refrences to using a dedicated server to do this but this defeats the object when you have F5 devices.



I have setup the VIPS all OK on firewalls but I receive the following



Connection with the Application Object Server could not be established.



All health monitors are up etc and connectivity is good.



Any ideas? Any one got this working?










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  • I'm having a similar problem... Trying to LB DAX AOS v4.0... Servers are:



    - Windows 2K8 Enterprise (virtual server)


    - Windows 2K3R2 (physical server)



    When I introduced the second (physical server), I started getting a "Bad Request Invalid Hostname" error... Remove the 2nd server and the problem goes away...



    I've tried setting the default cookie-persistence but didn't work... Just wondering if there's any deployment recommendations that others have used..
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    Hi Greg,



    Sorry to hear you're having difficulties.



    Have you captured any tcp dumps to see what the call might be doing from the BIG-IP to the AOS? Also, are there multiple RPC calls being made, or just a couple here and there?