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Nov 03, 2022

F5 - nPath configuration - display maintenance page

HI  our application vendor recommend we implement nPath  (direct server return)   -   which we did with the help of F5 support  ... it took several engineers but we were able to implement nPath  and it resolved our connection and random drop out client issues. 

We are trying to use the F5 now to display a maintenance page  BUT since we have nPath  it changes things ...and seems like we can not ...

Can we display a maintenance page  in an nPath  config ???   if so how can we accomplish that  ... We are open to other suggestions even if we have to do manual intervention .. like bring up another VS  - and flip between both.

Any recommendations are appreciated ...

Thank you 



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  • VR12from my understanding nPath should only mess with return traffic when the server receives the request. If you are attempting to implement a maintenance page that should be logic that is used prior to sending the traffic from the BIG-IP to the server. You should be able to use an iRule with a maintenance page to perform this.

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      Thanks Paulius -  we just  want to display a  under  maintenance page   - at this time we do not care about having it automatically displayed when the  POOL is down  .....  we will enable it manually. 

      So  to explain we have iRule set for nPath  to work ....  as per the articles  they mention a  standard setup   to auto display maint page when  pool is down ...... and following the article it can not be configured because rule is configured different for nPath. 

      Servers will be down for maint  so POOL  will be down ... so  we are looking for a way to have the maint page enabled at that time. 

      Would it be possible to have 2 profiles for the same VIP   ---  and enable  as needed  .. prod or maint. 

      Sorry  our F5  is managed by a different group.. and looking for suggestions so we can ask them try we have been  been told its not possible in nPAth config  ... BUT again  if pool is down  we are not using nPath. 

      Many  Thanks for any suggestions.... 


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        You won't be able to have 2 VIPs with the exact same IP/port combo but since you're doing this manually, you could always have a bogus port specified for the maintenance page VIP and your manual process is simply adjusting the port.