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Jan 02, 2012

F5 - LTM 1500 (How to add the standby unit into cluster)




I currently have single LTM-1500 running in Production. No floating IPs have been defined as yet. Now I need to add the second unit into the cluster as standby unit making the redundancy in Active/standby mode.


What are the exact steps to add the second device into redundacy. The standby unit has no configurations. However it is loaded with 10.2 version (same as the primary) and is reachable via GUI.















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  • Hello,



    I would mainly like to know about how to define the self-IPs on the standby unit. Is it via the Primary console and on the standby console (while the standby unit is disconnected) to the cluster.



    Once the self-IPs and the floating IPs are configured, I believe the configsync will take care of the replication.





  • have you seen this sol?



    sol8581: Creating a redundant pair by adding a second BIG-IP system to an existing system




    hope this helps.
  • Hello,



    Thank you but the link says Page Not Found.




    Please let me know if you find the same information elsewhere.


  • Thank you but the link says Page Not Found. the url is correct. i am able to access it. can you try one more time?