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Jan 09, 2024

F5 - Journeys BIG-IP LTM Migration - GTM considerations

Hello all,

I'm working on migrating configurations off a pair of BIG-IP 5050 appliances to new R2800's devices. The 5050's are running code version 15.1.5 and the rseries 15.1.8, they're configured for LTM functions only, we have a separate pair of VE appliances handling BIG-DNS (GTM) functions.  I've configured new managment IP's on the new rseries appliances, installed Journeys on a VM, and created UCS config backups of the existing 5050 appliances.

My company prefers we do a per app migration due to the nature of the potential large outage associated with migrating a whole device-group (data center) in one maintenance window.

My next steps are to prepare the tenant on the rseries appliances - which as I understand means we need to configuring VLANs, trunks and interfaces on rseries appliances, deploy the tenant image and install the master key on the new tenant, prior to importing UCS files. I'm working on these steps now. 

For the migration, I was planning to import the UCS file with the interfaces on the core shutdown on the new rseries appliances, and disable all virtual servers after the UCS file is imported, configure new self IP's and enable groups of virtual servers individually in separate maintenance windows. In the Journeys documentation, there's either a full migration or application migration, I know the above is kind of hybrid approach but can someone comment on this and provide guidance?

Also, can someone explain whats required for the new appliances to connect to the GTM's? I know we'll have to create new self IP's and an iquery session with the GTM appliances. There are some basics I can use a refesher on as it relates to the GTMs. If some can describe what's required for the GTM's to support the migration along with supporting configuration examples that would be very helpful.

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  • during poc with f5 presales in 2011, i was able to pair viprion with ve that even the persistence records when synchronized.

    so, you can try to pair 1 of the r2800 to the i5050 and make the r2800 as standby node.
    then failover and shutdown the i5050 so the r2800 become active node.
    then pair second r2800 to the active r2800.

    i suggest dont use file copy/editing mode.
    use gui or tmsh.

  • I appreciate you offering an alternative. I don't want to touch the production environment. Where I'm at now is I've built the tenant (vCMP Guest) running 15.1.10 on the rseries appliance and now I'm trying to import the UCS file. The first time I tried the device went offline and I think it's related to licensing. Can someone tell me what I need to edit in the UCS files i.e (bigip_config,etc) to ensure a smooth migration? I've already copied over the master key from the 5050 appliances. Now just having issues importing the UCS file with Journeys.

    Any idea why I'm getting the following Error in Journeys:

    Deployment stage 'Deploy UCS' failed with the exception: Extracting manifest: /var/tmp/install_all/plaintext.ucs Product : BIG-IP Platform: UCS : C109 System: Z101 Version : UCS : System: Edition : UCS : Point Release 1 System: Point Release 3 Hostname: UCS : System: The system hostname is changed to Installing --full-- configuration on host Installing configuration... GETDBVAL: Lookup DB provision.restjavad.extramb GETDBVAL: Result >>>>> Unable to find variable: provision.restjavad.extramb <<<<< RU: No PRE; RU false; leave to default to 384 ATTENTION REQUIRED: Your previous configuration files have been archived, as listed below. If you customized any settings in these files before upgrading, you will need to manually restore those changes by using the Configuration utility or Traffic Management Shell (tmsh). Archiving /config/wa/pvsystem.conf. Archiving /config/wa/globalfragment.xml. Archiving /config/wa/pvsystem.dtd. Post-processing... usermod: no changes Reloading License and configuration - this may take a few minutes... Configuration loading error: high-config-load-failed For additional details, please see messages in /var/log/ltm WARNING: There were one or more errors detected during installation. Check the error messages and take the proper actions if needed. ERROR: UCS installation failed. Operation aborted. Unexpected Error: UCS loading process failed.