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Feb 24, 2021

Export a list of all SSL VIPs that are not SSL on the backend

Hi All.


I am using a BIG IP LTM v15.1.0.4


I would like to export a list of VIPs (from the command line or GUI) that shows the following:

  1. VIPs that have a clientssl profile assigned and do not have a serverssl profile assigned.
  2. The list should contain the VIP Name, destination ip, clientssl profile name, pool name(s), pool member's ips:port


While I was able to export a list of VIPs using the command below, it wont let me show the Server SSL profile. Also I don't know how to filter it based on "clientssl=yes" and "serverssl=no".


tmsh show ltm virtual detail | grep -E "Virtual Server: | Destination | Ltm::Pool: | Ltm::Pool Member: | Ltm::ClientSSL Profile"


Any advice is appreciated

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  • Have you tried this,


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      Hi Jaikumar,


      Looks promising. Ill try this script today and reply back




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        Glad could be help, if your question is solved, please do mark the thread as closed, so others can get similar solutions.