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May 03, 2012

exchange 2010 outbound smtp smarthost to f5 11.1 ltm

Hi I am new so I need a little help and details would be much appreciated, my f5 is load balancing inbound smtp with public ip which goes to my exchange 2010. I want my exchange 2010 send connectors to smarthost to the f5 and then have the f5 nat it to the inbound virtual server with a public ip so when a email server gets the request it can dns back to the exchange 2010.





I heard about creating a wildcard virt server on network port 25 forwarding/ip and have a snat pool that list my public ip but its not working what am i missing here?






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  • I wouldn't use the F5 as a smarthost as it isn't an SMTP server. Let the Exchange server do an MX lookup and send to the external domain's MTA.



    Assuming your F5 is in the default route to the internet, your VIP should work. Depending on your setup, ensure the virtual is enabled (only) on the internal VLAN.



    Does the connection count on the virtual climb as you perform testing?