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May 15, 2012

Exchange 2010 - Disabling SSL offload after using the template




I enabled SSL offload when using the template for all Exchange Services when using Exchange 2010 template. Now I need to disable SSL offloading. Is there an option to do it as I don't see it in the Client SSL Profule or on the Virtual Server?














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  • Hi Fawad,


    When you say you need to disable SSL Offloading what I understand is that you want the things to be encrypted end to end.... is it.. ???? if yes then what you have to do is to re-encrypt the traffic from LTM to the back end servers, so there is an option in the template where you select if you want to re-encrypt the traffic from LTM to the back end server.



  • Yes, I want it encrypted end-to-end. But once I have done the configuration and used the template I can not go back and change encryption settings in the template. I am guessing there is some other place where I can re-encrypt. Can't find that option!
  • Are you using the latest released iApp or the previous one... ????? there is an option to re-encrypt it before sending it to the back end server. and if you can't find it simply go to the VS for exchange and select the correct SSL certificate in the server side ssl option.