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Feb 24, 2012

Exch 2010 deployment guide conflict

I am trying to get up to the v3.5 guide, we set up 2010 using 1.7 or so and haven't updated since. Now, I see that it's recomending 6k users per snat ip in the pool, which is ok, I use 14 ip's in the snat pool (lot's of users). Now, it also says to use the irule (pg 24) so the user connections all appear to source the same ip (each user can have 2 to 15 connections) because outlook can get confused, but the comments aren't clear as to whether to use the SAME snat ip's or another set of ip's in the same subnet in the rule. I worry since the f5 will allocate by snat ip by default, will there be a conflict with different ip's in the irule? I have plenty of ip's, I just need to narrow down which ip's to use in the irule.



Or, do I ignore the snat pool (leave empty) and just use the ip's in the irule for all snat's?


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    Hi Paul, in re-reading the guide I agree that it's not completely clear about whether you should use new SNAT pool addresses or the addresses your previously defined. This rule was originally designed to do the SNATing for you, but if you have already created and assigned a SNAT pool to the virtual server, you will want to use those previously created addresses, not new ones. We will update the guide to clarify this.




  • Got you, thanks. I'll just re-use the snat pool ip's. The deployment guide seems to get a LOT of updates. Oh, the7200 sec tcp protocol works for blackberry servers, but Good servers need 28800 second timouts talking to the vip's.
  • Paul,



    We had to create separate MAPI VIPs that used a TCP profile that had a 28800 second TCP timeout just for our GoodLink implementation. Outlook clients still hit the normal MAPI VIP which has a 7200second timeout.