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Jul 21, 2011

Example ARX simple setups

I thought I would share some example setups for 3rd party filers and the F5 ARX.



Once the initial ARX Switch interview has been completed (via the ARX console interface).


The ARX can then be managed remotely by a CLI session or through the Web GUI.



I've written several guides that are useful in provisioning simple storage virtualization solutions with the ARX.



These are posted on the main F5 web site under the resources tab off the main page.



Some of the 3rd party filers demonstrated in these guides are as follows:


1. Windows Storage Server (several variants)


2. EMC Data Domain


3. HP Polyserve


4. NEC


5. NetApp


6. Oracle (Sun) Unified Storage Systems


7. Virtualized Windows Servers operating as Guests under VmWare



These cover a breadth of setup requirements for NFS or CIFS. The intent is to show example setups that can be easily reproduced. These demonstrate some of the benefits the ARX has for Tiering, File Migration, Load Balancing, and basic 3rd party filer interoperability.
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