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Feb 03, 2011

Event Subscription -- System Id appears wrong

Hey all, I'm trying to use EventSubscription/EventNotification to get an event stream from an F5 LTM. I get the following at the start of a stream of events:



Event Source


System Id : 175663EC-1974-1862-2694-D1C691E5F474



Which I assumed would match what I would get from System.SystemInfo get_system_id, but it's not!



./ --urn System/SystemInfo --method get_system_id


$VAR1 = '175563EC-1974-1862-2694-D1C691E5F474';



get_system_id returns 17556...



in the event source from the event stream, 17566...



is the GUID for the event stream different on purpose, e.g. some "sub object" or is this a bug? The only difference in the GUID is that the fourth digit is different.







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  • That's odd. eventd and the iControl method both generate the UUID based on a checksum of the system name. Both mechanisms use the same code so I'm not sure how the values would be different. I'll have to dig into this. If this is important for you, you might want to submit this one to the support org for a bug fix.





  • Hi All, I want to see the subscribed events list in device after creating events via Event Subscription method using iControl API. Is there a bigpipe command to see the list? And also there is no log entry under /var/logs folder after creating a event subscription. Where does these information reside in device?