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Nov 08, 2010

Event 806 disk_space Warning

I have version of the F5 MP installed and I keep seeing Event 806 "disk_space" Warnings in the F5 Monitoring Log. I haven't been able to find any Rule or Monitor that corresponds to this.





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    Sorry for the late reply. The disk_space warnings that you're seeing are statistics processing errors for the F5 device 'Partition' configuration object (F5.Partition). The F5.Partition related rules enabled by default in our F5 Management Pack are:



    - Partition Free Blocks


    - Partition Free Nodes


    - Partition Total Block Size


    - Partition Total Blocks



    and their related threshold rule counterparts.



    It would help us to have some detailed trace logs from you, in order to more efficiently investigate this problem. To enable the detailed trace logging follow the "Verbose Logging Support" section in the "General Troubleshooting" wiki article on the F5 Dev Central > F5 Management Pack space:



    Once you enabled the verbose trace logs, wait for a few warnings to show up and then send us the trace.log file in the Program Files\F5 Networks\Management Pack\log folder.


    Send us please the trace logs to: managementpack(at)f5(dot)com and we'll further investigate the problem.



    Thank you.





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    I looked at the trace.log file that you sent us and I believe your device configuration hasn’t been completely discovered. At least this is what I gather from the logs. With every disk_space statistics notification that you’re receiving from the F5 device, the statistics processor inside the F5 Monitoring Service agent attempts to resolve the entity type of the statistic-data received to a ‘well-known’ discovered type (for the F5 device). In our case [some of] the device partitions (appointed to by “disk_space”). Apparently your disk partitions are not discovered and they don’t show up in the device configuration / entity cache.

    You can verify this (if you have read-access to the F5_ManagementPack SQL database) by running the following SQL script (using SQL Server Management Studio):

    USE F5_ManagementPack
    SELECT * FROM DynamicData.Entity WHERE EntityTypeId=5

    For the EntityName column you should get an output similar to:







    If any of these entity names are missing in your query result, you may have an incomplete discovery for the F5 Device, possibly for both devices. Or there might be something else going on while retrieving/discovering the partition-related configuration data.

    You can try to rediscover the devices and then make sure your partition entity data is correctly showing up in the F5_ManagementPack database. If you still can’t see the partition names as suggested above, let us know and we’ll take a closer look.