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Feb 01, 2011

Errors 800 - 405 in Management Pack F5 SCOM

Hi everyone,



I have some problems with my F5 Management pack, there is an error 800 in the F5 monitoring log every five minutes "Unable to update collection rules due to data failure".



Another error message is 405:



Event Type: Error


Event Source: F5 Events


Event Category: None


Event ID: 405


Date: 1/27/2011


Time: 4:49:53 PM


User: N/A


Computer: ****




Data Source [PerformanceDataSource] reported an unhandled server exception: terminating=True error=Microsoft.EnterpriseManagement.HealthService.ModuleException: The singleton data source PerformanceDataSource has already been loaded with id=22322349; failing load of 13009416. Check the data source configuration and restart the associated module and/or Health Service


at F5Networks.ManagementPack.DataAccess.OperationsManager.DataSource.Sources.DataSourceBase`3..ctor(ModuleHost`1 moduleHost, XmlReader configuration, Byte[] previousState)



The discover process of the F5 devices ends sucessfully...



What can I do?



Thanks for your help!!


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    This type of error surfaces when the F5 Management Pack rule overrides are not properly set up. It is possible that you have targeted the 'Enabled' property of a rule override against a class that is not the "F5 Monitoring Service". As a rule of thumb when creating F5 Management Pack overrides (either collection rule overrides or threshold rule overrides), you should always target the 'Enabled' property of the rule override against "All objects of class F5 Monitoring Service". All the other properties for rule overrides (such as 'Interval', etc.) should be targeted against the relevant F5 configuration objects (e.g. F5.Device, F5.LtmPoolMember, etc).



    A detailed article on correctly creating rule overrides for the F5 Management Pack can be found here:




    To fix your problems, I would first remove the existing F5 Management Pack rule overrides and then start over again, following the steps described in the article above.



    If you need further assistance with setting up F5 MP rule overrides, please let us know.





    F5 Management Pack Team