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Apr 19, 2017

Error while creating UCS backups: no such file or directory



I'm trying to create a UCS backup and I get an error (gui and cli):


Saving active configuration...


md5sum: /var/sdm/plugin_store/plugins/:Common:sna_plugin_67132_6/extensions/mssql/node_modules/mssql/node_modules/tedious/node_modules/babel-runtime/node_modules/core-js/library/modules/\$.to-iobject.js: No such file or directory


Fatal: executing: md5sum /var/sdm/plugin_store/plugins/:Common:sna_plugin_67132_6/extensions/mssql/node_modules/mssql/node_modules/tedious/node_modules/babel-runtime/node_modules/core-js/library/modules/\$.to-iobject.js Operation aborted. /var/tmp/configsync.spec: Error creating package


I read that the "\" character can be a problem, but when I use ls to list the files in that directory I can see the $.to-iobject.js file and it has no "\" before it.


I'm pretty sure this file is important for the node-js pluging installed so I don't want to delete it, also there are lots of files that start with $. in this folder.


What can i do?