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Mar 16, 2011

Error when installing MP F5




When trying to install the MP I found the following error:



The DataSource and ConditionDetection modules required for the F5 Monitoring Service to run could not be loaded by Operations



Manager monitoring host. Check the Operations Manager Event Log for errors and manually start the F5 Monitoring Service once



any issues have been resolved.



I am running a windows 2008 Std, SP2, SCOM 2007 R2 installed.




I am using an account which is:



- Administrator in the local machine


- sysadmin in the sql data base


- SCOM Administrator



Indeed, to rule out privileges I tried it installing aas a Domain Admin with full privilege but the error is the same.



I have checked that F5 Management Pack is imported in SCOM (SCOM Management Console >> Administration >> Management Packs >> refresh >> make sure F5 Network).



I have restarted services and try to discovered the device but I get a failure error.



I have attached the following log if they could give some information about



- setup.txt (set up log)


- trace.log


- discovery log (messages prompt at trying to discover the device)




Thanks for any feedback that helps us to troubleshoot the issue





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    Hi Eusebi,

    The discovery log shows the following error:

    Failure Message: F5Networks.ManagementPack.Discovery.DiscoveryException: Big 3d update from version to version was not authorized

    Which means you'll have to check/enable the checkbox for "authorizing the big3d update" in the F5 Device discovery wizard. The big3d is the actual monitoring agent on the F5 device, that the F5 Monitoring Service is connecting to for collecting statistics, device configuration/health notifications, etc. The F5 Management Pack always checks for an updated version of the big3d agent running on the F5 device and if the existing version of the big3d is lower than the big3d agent shipped with the F5 MP, an update is requested.


  • Hi Julian,



    You are right. Sometimes the solution is much simpler but we make things more complicated. I just checked the box and discovered the device.



    Thanks a lot!!