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Mar 13, 2012

Error booting from USB




I have a Bigip LTM 6900 frozen and only can access via console.



when i try run the operatin system from the disk, appear "Error 22 :no such partition".



I have decided reinstall the software from USB.



I have followed the steps to boot the unit using USB Mass Storage with the umdinstall.exe application in Windows . But when I insert the usb in the Bigip appliance and power on the unit appears the following error:



USB storage device found ... General USB Flash Disk USB Device




IDE storage device found ... IDE 0/Pri Master, SILICONSYSTEMS INC 8GB-



Embedded BIOS Debugger Invalid Opcode Trap


EAX = 00000000 CS:EIP = 0000:00007E01 EFL = 00000246 pl ZR .. na .. PE .. nc


EBX = 00000000 SS:ESP = 0000:0000FFFC EBP = 00000000 .. nt IOPL0 nv up EI ..


ECX = 0000FFFF DS:ESI = 0000:00000000 FS = 0000 .. .. id vp vi al vm rf


EDX = 00000080 ES:EDI = F000:0000DFB1 GS = 0000


0000:7E01 db FFh / "." (255).v






Somebody know this error?








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  • i suspect it relates to master boot record. can you try to clear master boot record?



    sol6346: Recovering from a corrupt drive partition (9.x - 10.x)

  • Exacly, but I can't clear the MBR without access to the instalation menu of the version 9.4.6



    I have boot from USB but i cannot.






    Thanks and regards



  • sorry i forgot you can't boot from usb.



    what about pxe? do you have vmware on your laptop? can you make it as pxe server?
  • I can't acess any of the interfaces so i can't use pex server



    Only I can access to the grub menu.