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  • Recommend to ask F5 support. List all device serials where you want to install the EngHF, and they will let you know if it's OK. It's in nobody's interest to deal with 100 separate tickets if this can be handled in a few. As far as they have active support contract for their appliances, this should be allowed.




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    This depend on the issue and reason of the EngHF. It may work on the other box and fox the issue and may not. If you accept EngHF from someone else then F5 Support then you doing it at your own risk. Sometime EngHF is provided for specific platform, configuration and business need. Installing such type of EngHF on the other platform, config or business need may stop your box or service to run. Please remember about EngHF policy


    EngHF do not undergo the extensive QA assessment of scheduled software releases. F5 offers engineering hotfixes with no warranty or guarantee of usability.


    If you need an EngHF I strongly recommend you to contact F5 Technical Support rather then taking it from 3d party.


    This is also a question of security. Are you sure that 3d party you are taking EngHF from did not add any code that may break your box?