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Aug 16, 2011

Elaborative logging at F5 when connection fails from client.



I have three clients connected to two backend servers via F5. When all the three clients run a script to do some HTTPs transactions with backend server after a time, all the three scripts throws error as could not connect to .



If i run the same script on only one client , script sucessfully completes.



One suggestion was to explore any F5 load balancer log which could point any event at load balancer which is causing the disconnection.



Q1) Any inputs around this issue?


Q2) Does F5 provide elaborative logging which could help trace the load balancer events as it hapened?



scheduling algo--> round robin.



Thanks in advance.

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  • Hi Diptesh,



    You can use tcpdump to troubleshoot this. If you want to decrypt the SSL, you can use ssldump.



    SOL411 - Overview of packet tracing with the tcpdump utility




    SOL10209 - Overview of packet tracing with the ssldump utility




    In v11, there is an option to log TCP reset causes which might help here as well.