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Mar 03, 2012

E-mail notification for different VS to different E-mail

Hi Everyone,


I have LTM ver. 11.1 setup running different virtual servers with their respective pool. I have different guys for diffrent applications and I want to send the logs specific to one VS to a particular e-mail id is it possible to do this on LTM box I didnt find even a place to put the e-mail id for sending the logs... any suggestion or comments to achieve this???




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    Not sure you'd want to email logs... Especially for a busy site. Especially if you log anything from iRules for a VS.



    Is it just LTM logs you want? (e.g. Anything in /var/log/ltm for a particular VS)? If so, a quick shell script will grep the content and send it... The script could even be generic if you run it from a config file (VS, patterns you're interested in for the VS).



  • Hi Hamish,


    Yes I just want the LTM logs for a specific VS along with its pool to be sent to a particular e-mail id. For your first line it doesn't matter if the site is busy or not as there is a port in which I should be able to pic what sort of logs to be forwarded, Alerts, warnings, notices etc etc. Any suggestions??????