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Feb 12, 2024

Drop reason counters.rx_portd_rdisc

Hello everyone, i'm asking for your help in order to undestand some values i'm seeing when looking for the drop reason in my big ip devices


I have 2 big ip i5600 devices in an Active/Standby configuration and both of them are reporting packet drops

Both devices have a unique trunk of 2 interfaces (1.1 and 1.2)which process all the application traffic (the HA configuration use this trunk too).

When runnig tmsh "show /net interface" i can see 1.7M in the "Drops in" field.

When running "tmctl drop_reason" according to  i can see the field "counters.rx_portd_rdisc" with a value of "1058490" which i thinks its arround 1M.


Both devices reports similiar values for "counters.rx_portd_rdisc" but ONLY in the interface 1.2


I cant find any information related to the "counters.rx_portd_rdisc" field of the drop reason.


Someone have an idea of what "counters.rx_portd_rdisc" means?

Thanks in advance for your answers!



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  • did you run through all of the tmctl commands in the KB article you posted?  Looks like you should get more details if you run this:  tmctl drop_reason   

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      Thanks for your answer Jeffrey.


      The image attached is the output of tmctl drop_reason.

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        Hello Victor,


        RPORTD is incremented when a port’s spanning tree state is not in the forwarding state, while RDISC is incremented for packets discarded due to ingress  buffer availability.  This doesnt necessarily mean TMM traffic.  


        BPDU packets coming from a switch which will register this counter and increment the counters.rx_portd_rdisc.. this can likely be determined by run tcpdump on the interface.  Please take all ***precautions*** when running tcpdump