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Aug 19, 2011

dozens of false positive alerts

I am working with a customer using the F5 MP version and SCOM 2007 R2 with CU4.



We are getting dozens of false positive alerts when the F5 devices have failover status of standby.



I have 3 questions.



1. Can I have a list of rules/monitors which will trigger whether the failover status of a device is standy or active?


2. I need any information on how I can approach a fix. I have already successfully created 2 groups which return the objects that I need based on F5 Device=true and failover status=active, or F5 Device=true and failover status=dtandby. Problem is that I cannot create rules/monitors which have the groups as targets so my guess is that I need to create new classes to address this issue. Is this correct?


3. Can the MP be improved to address when a failover occurs that no false positive alerts be generated?
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