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Apr 24, 2022

Does APM remote logging works only after adding device remote logging?

This apm logging is not working at all but only works when I also add the same syslog server to system - logs - remote logging....why??

I have created a publisher with a destination that has a HSL pool member in it and then I apply it to apm event logging ..

But nothing is sent to the syslog until I also go and add a remote logging server at the device level..


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  • Hi David_M,

    I tested it without adding syslog server in system > logs > remote logging menu. Apm logs are forwarded to the hsl pool member.

    Could you have selected the protocol in the log destination as tcp?

    Can you review the packets?

    tcpdump -nni any host hslpoolmemberip and port hslpoolmemberport