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Jun 10, 2011

Documenting Virtual Servers with Flow Charts

I have decided that creating a flow chart for each of my Virtual Servers would be a good way forward. I know...ideally you would map out an iRule on paper before it gets written but it doesn't always work out that way ;-) I'm hoping I can show how traffic is manipulate by the Profiles, and iRules and the pools that traffic can be directed to.



Has anybody done this kind of thing before? Any tips? Examples?



My plan is to use Visio but does anybody have any other suggestions?







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  • Several people have worked on and come up with solutions for this using Graphviz.



    They may require a little extra setup, but it would allow you do get what you are after.



    Here are some of them:



  • Hi Furgu5,


    If you don't have the ability to use the automated programs then the best use of visual demonstrating a requesting from client to server is to use a combination of the Cross-Functional Flowchart Shapes along with the Basic Flowchart Shames. Specifically if you know the order process you can define all the functions from top to bottom. Then use the basic flow chart decision symbols within each functioning. This has been successful, but can get very time consuming if you have hundreds of virtual servers. Another technique that i also used in the past was using the organization chart to demonstrate the same order of process information.



    I hope that helps