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Feb 27, 2018

DNSSEC DS creation for Parent Zone



I have configured/created the KSK/ZSK and DNSSEC Zone for our domain name (for example: It is enabled and active.


I tested it using dig command:


[admin@Active:In Sync] ~ dig +dnssec +multiline

I also tested it using one of the "Listeners" IP address:


[admin@Active:In Sync] ~ dig @ +dnssec +multiline

I seems to get the correct response as I can see the RRSIG values.


I also check the DNSSEC zone properties by issuing the below command.


list /ltm dns dnssec zone all-properties

I can see both the DNSKEY and DS records.


Now my issue is I'm having trouble with regards to the DS record that we are "supposed" to submit to the parent domain.


Basically, the question is how do I submit the DS record to the parent domain? If the F5 is the same one that is holding the parent domain ( do I still need to create a DS record for How about the child domain?


Currently, our F5-GTM is the primary DNS for all the internal domain and it is also the SOA for all our internal domain for both the parent and child domain (example: Parent:, Child:


Thank you