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Sep 14, 2018

DNS to LTM (Server peering for GSLB)

GTM1 (one external selfIP) LTM1 (one external selfIP, multiple internal selfIPs)


I noticed that the HELP under DNS->GSLB->Server List states "Address: Spedifies an external (public) address for the device."


In Guides - it is recommended to use SELF-IPs of devices to peer. BUT does it really HAVE to be 'external' ? Are there any limitations simply peering to the LTM using one of the internal selfIPs?


Thanks for feedback!


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  • it can be any IP as long as each GTM can communicate with each LTM and vice versa.


  • If your deployment is


    • 1 gtm per data center
    • 1 ltm per data center

    So it’s better if both gtm can probe both ltm devices...


    In this configuration, ltm must have a public ip.


    Else, ltm and gtm can use internal ip